This artist born in Barcelona has established itself as one of the young talents with greater progression within the electronic music scene in his city. After working along the last decade in his training and the experimentation of sound, he has reached the musical structure that he was looking for in his most personal project.

With 17 years of experience in the mixing of electronic music, he has gone through some genres and been consolidated after that in the electronic music scene. Definitively, no_ip is a guarantee of success in the dance floor. He is known for generating a magical communion with the crowd in his live shows, adapting the set to the different scenarios in which he performs.

Between his most memorable milestones you can find his #1 Top Indie Dance releases on Beatport with “Kyoto EP”, released on Shall Ocin, TERR & Daniel Watts’s record label Clash Lion on September 2020. Supported by artists of the likes of Jennifer Cardini, Raxon, Damon Jee, Marco Faraone, Dubre… to name a few.

His technique and knowledge provide his productions with a unique style influenced by more than a decade living the “rave” and “underground” cultures.