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After the Women’s March on Washington, feminist techno DJ collective Discwoman hosted a late night warehouse party in Washington D.C. to “defend inclusivity within the vibrant and diverse local underground dance music community.” Just a few days before, on Physical Therapy’s Allergy Season label, Discwoman released a massive 42-track compilation called Physically Sick, that took aim at “discrimination and demagoguery, whether from proto-fascist politicians or insecure music forum commenters,” that rose in the wake of J20. Both the compilation and party showed that protest could happen in the club, as much as it did in the streets.\r\n\r\nGodmode signee and Discwoman associate Yaeji’s contribution, “Full of It,” best fuses the comp’s simultaneously subversive and therapeutic message with its minimal post-apocalyptic sonic framework. Velvety synths bloom while Yaeji’s lilting voice opens the song on a foreboding note, “As if I was mute for a while/My first words are silent but violent.” The track eventually settles into a satisfying deep house groove anchored by Yaeji’s affirmation (“Distant like ignorance/Resistance, full of it”) gaining strength with each repetition. Discwoman and Allergy Season raised over $4500 in the compilation’s first day, all of which they will donate to the American Civil Liberties Union, Callen-Lorde, the National Immigration Law Center, and Planned Parenthood. Just as Yaeji asserts, our capacity for resistance is clearly overflowing.