Extraordinary times call for extraordinary people. Battling the monotony of the techno landscape, Zaungast appears on the scene to get electronic music out of it rut. Having both been solo artists in the electronic music scene for years. In 2018 the duo from Mainz found together to bring new impulses and exciting sets to the dancefloors of the world. Their musical style splits and unites, tears and merges.

The results of all these contradictions peak in excess, an everlasting musical journey between the old orient, discofunk of the early 80s and the technoid present with its current Zeitgeist.

At numerous gigs their supporters felt their inspiring attitude and successful output all around Germany. From Frankfurt via Mainz to Berlin – these guys delivered the soundtrack to many unforgettable nights of partying and dancing.

By doing that, Zaungast has always been able to rely on the support of long time friends like Teenage Mutants and Matchy.

Zaungast embodies the cultural hybrids of the present, the unified formula for multiculturalism, the bogeyman of every nationalist and therefore the new synonym for techno culture. Get a taste of Kebap techno.

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