The Berlin-based DJ and producer makes light of his status as one of the most championed, long standing artists in Techno. «What I love about Techno is that it demands I question myself, reinvent myself over and over again every time.”

«The art of keeping your skin in the game» he says, «is to forget what you know – perpetual beginners mind” In his early days as an artist, he had to learn how to physically create the sounds he heard in his head. Now, as a self-taught virtuoso, the challenge is to use his breadth and depth of musical knowledge to convey profound emotion, «Techno is very personal to me.”

This intimacy fuels the unique vibe of a Thomas Schumacher DJ set, “I want to rough people up a bit, elevate them out of their heads and into their bodies. I create a safe space for people to lose their minds, in the best possible way. “

When not guiding clubbers through oceans of sound, Thomas Schumacher reaches them via his productions on labels like Drumcode and his own label Electric Ballroom. On Beatport Thomas’ remix of the classic “The House Of House” became his third number one hit within the past 24 months after “Stella”- a propulsive anthem dedicated to his daughter and  “Wonder”, his collaboration with Victor Ruiz. 2020 kicked off with a record three tracks (Crimson, Feist and Anker) from his Crimson release on Drumcode all reaching the top 10 within the same week.

“The more you do, the more there is to explore, the more opportunities to invent, connect, and imagine. My on-going ambition is to connect with the people more and more deeply, every single time. I want people to come as themselves and leave feeling more themselves. That’s why I do what I do and why I love it so much.»

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