“I Am Machine” is the title of Thomas Schumacher’s latest smash hit, a collaboration with Lilly Palmer that has already amassed over a million streams. It is yet another demonstration of Schumacher’s talent and popularity.

Thomas Schumacher’s life’s work is so all-encompassing that it goes beyond the scope of any bio. He is a uniquely gifted producer and DJ who has shaped the culture and sound of generations of Ravers with his creative genius.

From the beginning of his career with tracks like “Ficken”, “When I Rock” or “Schall” (under his alter ego Elektrochemie LK) until today, Thomas Schumacher has managed to move the masses across the globe. Thus, the demand for his signature sound DJ sets has never been greater and his influence on the current global Techno sound keeps rising . Thomas Schumacher’s standing amongst the greats of Techno has never been more evident.