Synthxx is the name given to this man from Toledo who started in electronic music at a very early age.

He started mixing attracted by the challenge of interleaving the sounds of two cassette tapes and after acquiring his own technique and style on the decks, he would become a regular in the booth of the Orbital discotheque in Toledo, one of the venues that became popular in the area due to the electronic music trend in in 1998.

Since then, he hasn’t stopped being interested in this sound and has progressed in different disciplines of the scene.

In recent times, his progression has made him one of the most interesting talents in the sector in different clubs with a great influence on electronic music.

He has been asked to present his sets in places as important as Florida135, Family club, Industrial Copera, Domo or Isla Tortuga among others, being in this last one where he develops the function of resident in the Reaktive project until 2020.

His sets are based on a musical selection that always looks for the most elegant speech and tries at every moment to get a different reaction from the public, without leaving aside the movement of the dancefloor.

His steps as a producer have led him to get feedback on his tracks represented by Oscar Mulero, Takaaki Itoh, Developer, Lewis Fautzi, Dvs1, Tensal, Inigo Kennedy, Kaiser, Vegim, PWCCA, Michel Lauriola.

Immersed in multiple projects, production is of particular importance for his near future.