Ramon Tapia

Ramon Tapia was born and raised in Holland, with a Dutch mother and Chilean father – his upbringing had an eclectic mix of cultures which in turn developed and influenced his decision to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a musician. During his teenage years, he remembers the tales which sparked his imagination about dance music from his older sisters as they were returning from a night out. During that time, he was listening to the early pioneers of Detroit techno and legends such as Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Kraftwerk and Front 242. After moving to Antwerp to study as a jeweler, he took a part-time job in a legendary record store ‘USA Import’, where he developed his interest in DJing, which made him realize where he wanted to take his personal career.

Self-taught, gradually he started learning how to produce tracks solo, with a foundation in pounding techno and hardcore scene. He found his resurgence in the late 2000’s, forging a new school techno sound that blended the slower, sexier sounds in the contemporary vibe he has been schooled on over the last decade. In 2010, he selected and remixed a number of tracks to be featured on New York’s legendary Strictly Rhythm label within the ‘Strictly Rhythms Vol 6’ compilation. That’s where his name catapulted into the limelight, becoming the biggest turning point for his career. Which resulted in a residency at Sankey’s Ibiza for three years and multiple bookings from Amsterdam to Japan, New York to Buenos Aires and everything in between. Creating a steady and loyal fan base and global recognition!

Ramon likes to raise the bar and his sound evolve constantly which resulted in his debut in 2018 on Beyer’s – Truesoul, followed by Dense & Pika’s – Kneaded Pains and his highly acclaimed ‘Ex Tee Cee’ on Pig and Dan’s Elevate and the list keeps on growing with FeChrome,Terminal M, Suara, Octopus, Filth on Acid and Drumcode.
With a nice collection of releases on some of the biggest labels, Ramon decided to start his very own imprint – Say What? Recordings in 2012. The label is delivering proper dance floor techno from respected names and new kids pulling the wagon for the new generation.

Say What? wasn’t created only to release his own music, but also to create a platform who helps talents by giving constructive feedback and a chance to release. To this date Say What? had numerous top 10’s including his big hits “Last Step” and “303 State” which he produced together with German legend Kai Tracid. The track record keeps on growing and the label is standing firm within the top of best-selling label in Beatport Peaktime Techno.

His skills aren’t limited to producing. He is also a highly skilled DJ, performing for crowds all around the world. He has a special way of connecting with the audience and taking them on an intense musical journey. So far you might have danced with him on festivals like Tomorrowland, Drumcode Festival, May Day, Loveland and the list is counting.

Who is ready for Ramon Tapia,…… SAY WHAT?

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