Peter Pahn

Pascal aka PETER PAHN, from Germany (Frankfurt am Main), is a motivated and talented techno Producer and DJ.

Defined by his timeless ‘marching and driving’ sound; PETER PAHN productions feature his trademark hypnotic self-recorded looped vocals that capture crowds, his catchy melodies epically escalate mood, all while accompanied by his skillfully applied deep baselines that keep audiences grooving.

Debuting with “Disefect” with on the Italian “Gain Records”, he quickly gain acclaim by winning “Best Producer” for the associated contest of the “Gain Series Vol. 16 – ADE Sampler 2019”.

PETER PAHN continued to quickly gained worldwide recognition for his “Disefect” track, including receiving endorsements from: ‘Richie Hawtin’, ‘Joseph Capriati’ and ‘Drumcomplex. Drumcomplex later contacted PETER PAHN offering a contract to produce a remix. The results of this collaboration resulted in the release of PETER PAHN’s first EP: “The Holy Gid EP”, featuring the excellent Drumcomplex remix of the title track.

In 2019, he joined as permanent member of “Wir sind Verboten” (Teenage Mutants), a collaboration of techno artists that are enthusiastic about PETER PAHN’s potential as both a producer and live performer.

His next step was not long in coming. He got on the VA on Set About and his track “Enjoy Infinity” was rated as the best track by Methodi Hristov and put on the first position of the VA, which is of course ideal for the range. His track landed in the Techno (Peak Time / Driving) charts at number 10 worldwide.

During the pandemic, he was tireless, producing track after track.

He reached rank 82 – world wide artists charts 2021.

Releases on Riot Recording (Frankyeffe), Set About, and on his home label Tragedie (Teenage Mutants) followed. Another release followed on Reload Black Label (The Yellowheads) with the local track “WTF” reaching number 11 in the worldwide techno charts again. A huge success, which brought him to the attention of the Cosmic Boys and a release on Legend followed (22 worldwide Techno Charts).

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