Oscar Escapa is an up-and-coming techno artist known for their unique sound that blends hard-hitting beats with mesmeric textures and intricate production techniques. Widely regarded as a consolidated producer, their tracks have been published on several prominent labels, which helped his career being on an upward trajectory ever since, earning a dedicated fan base and recognition from their peers in the industry with every release.

Escapa has hit with his productions pivotal imprints of the likes of Drumcode Ltd, Terminal M, Planet Rhythm, Codex and Odd Recordings, to name a few.

As a consequence, he has achieved great success on Beatport’s Techno charts, reaching the top spot on several occasions, as well as entering both the Top 10 and Top 100 multiple times. His production philosophy is focused on developing their signature sound with each release, and if it is also piling up hits, much better!

The unique sound of Oscar has gained support from influential artists such as Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Amelie Lens, Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Gregor Tresher, Mistress Barbara, Umek, Cristian Varela or Dave Clarke, among others. His reputation as a key figure in the techno scene has brought him to be booked at top venues, including the classical Florida 135, The Garage of Bass Valley, a temple of techno in his home city Barcelona or ADE Amsterdam.

When Oscar Escapa is on the decks, we better get ready for a sweat inducing session of serious and dark techno grooves.