If we talk about No Neim we can say that it is the musical proposal that is incredibly sweeping the clubs and festivals of Colombia, born in Bogotá on May 19, 1999, he began his investigation with music in 2016 and to date has a quite extensive trajectory nationally and internationally, being part of the top 100 in one of his most recent releases on Beatport entering the top 20, distributing his music through labels such as Dolma Rec, Parallel thoughts, Wicked Waves, Techsound, Finder Records, Dsr Digital, DreizehnSchallplatten, Sonaxx Records, Physical Techno among others.

Founder of his record label “Dark To Light”. It has the support of high caliber international artists such as:Angy Kore, Indira Paganotto, Petduo, Charlie Sparks, Nico Moreno, Sara Landry, Shlomo, Kobosil, Viper Diva, Daniellada Silva, DonWoezik, Macka, etc. The dark and authentic sound of him, [Cinematic Techno & Darkore] is the concept that describes the psychedelic that this artist generates for us.

With this we can conclude that No Neim is a fundamental piece that people need to transcend on an audio/spiritual level where the balance of mind, body and spirit is sought to take their imagination to another level when listening to the artist’s compositions guided on a journey of textures that hypersensitized human bodies crossing from dark to Light.