Nin3s (aka Uner), based in the United States, is the new alias used by one of the most important talents of the last 10 years on the international electronic music scene, UNER, to develop his own musical vision in different projects and with different styles as well as their involvement in film production and the development and support of other arts always with music as a common link. With a classical background that includes a degree in Music Theory and Piano (which he started playing at the young age of 4), and a Summa Cum Laude degree in the Art of Mixing from Berklee College of Music, along with his passion for film and orchestral composition and his love for art in general, led him to focus on this new project and make a big change in his career in September 2019, after making his first complete soundtrack for a Polish dramatic film, obtaining Since then several international works in this new facet.

CEO and founder of Orfeo Music Online, a platform focused on all kinds of personalized compositions, sound engineering, help for artists, mentoring, etc. Manu García is immersed in this and other new major musical projects, which combine electronic and classical composition between analog and acoustic instruments and live musicians, as well as other artistic projects in the film, art and live performance industries.