Down-to-earth, yet wonderfully eccentric, vibrant personality, that defines not only his kaleidoscopic human nature, but also fuels his multifaceted work as a DJ, Artist, Producer, Music Label owner and event Manager.

There are many good reasons why it is always a good sign if Mikah shows up in the proximity of a big, booming sound system. One of those is undeniably his special sense in tonal aesthetics and an inexhaustible curiosity about electronic sounds. Mikah likes to transcend genres and is always on the hunt for what’s off the beaten tracks.

While playing, Mikah unfolds wonderful sound structures and stories on the dancefloor, which develop a sophisticated emotional dramaturgy. As being an exceptional empath, he masters two things which are key for his very own approach to DJing: to read the crowd and to interact with them. Among his unbridled joy of experimentation, this “seventh sense” of being highly sensitive to the vibe and emotions around him enables Mikah to guide his crowd through extraordinary and always on-point sound journeys.

Not only his DJ sets, but also his productions embody his faible for the unusual: His tracks are uninhibitedly energetic, even visionary; with a slightly eccentric disposition and a pinch of healthy autism. But for all their exceptionality, his productions always remain accessible. Driving but never over-the-top basslines, explosive beat drops and catchy and propulsive melodies put together true dance floor material.

After making a name for himself in and outside Germany and releasing on labels like 3000Grad, Beyond Now, GoDeeva, Customized Culture and LostOnYou, he will spread his wings further, as the big wide world is calling for him now louder than ever. 2022 already promises to become his biggest year so far, achieving another milestone with a debut EP release on the American label Desert Hearts in early 2022.