Mental Duality

Mental Duality is a dynamic duo based in Madrid. There’s not a single club in the city that Fran and Noah haven’t conquered.

As proud residents of Crow Techno Club, a standout event in the Spanish techno scene that has hosted the best international artists, Mental Duality has left an indelible mark. Every club in Madrid has been abducted by the hypnotic sound of the duo. They’ve had the opportunity to play at least twice in major events like Mondo, Blackworks, Fabrik or Family Since, and they’ve been very present in the underground scene such as Enigma, Club Gordo,Matadero Club, The Law Sessions, Mobydick…

They are the masterminds behind the collective and label Hölleclub, as well as the force behind Loopstage, A recognized young collective committed to the local Madrid scene. Known for their electrifying sessions, Mental Duality crafts an atmosphere of constant dynamism where pulsating techno beats and percussive rhythms take center stage. Drawing inspiration from the techno sounds of the 2000s, they infuse their creativity to give it a fresh twist, evident in both their sets and productions. Their influences range from oldschool techno, to hardgroove and fastgroove.

Their sets as well as productions try to be quite dynamic and not be limited to a single style.