Born and raised in Belgium’s capital Brussels, Marhu emerged as a new talent in the underground electronic music scene. Having both Swiss and Belgian heritage, her artistic journey has been enriched with diverse cultural influences. Her journey into music production was sparked by a profound fascination with the iconic acid synthesizer, the tb303, which left an indelible mark on her early works. Recognised as an ’emerging act’ on Beatportal’s radar in 2022, Marhu is hailed as one of Belgium’s most promising DJs and producers.

Continuously pushing creative boundaries, Marhu has been carving out a distinct niche that blends Psy Trance with Techno. Drawing inspiration from an eclectic array of influences, she infuses her productions with elements of world music, particularly drawn to Japanese instruments for their unique sound. Marhu’s approach to DJing is equally captivating. In her sets she really prioritizes storytelling, engaging in connections with her audience through infectious positivity and jumpy, boundless energy.

Debuting on ASY*S’ iconic FeChrome label, Marhu quickly made waves with her distinctive sound. Interestingly, her background as an international horse rider for many years infuses her music with a unique connection to nature and animals. This connection often manifests in cheeky ways, such as the subtle sound of a horse’s breath at the start of her ‘Spark’ radio show episodes.

Marhu’s discography boasts releases on labels such as Fe Chrome and HE.SHE.THEY where her tracks showcase a fusion of pounding kick drums, intoxicating acid synths, and always have that energy pumping. Collaborating with techno luminary ASY*S on tracks like ‘Hooked,’ Marhu has demonstrated her versatility and innovation as a producer.

For 2024, Marhu’s debut on Electric Ballroom is inspired by Brussels’ iconic Opera monument “La Monnaie”. It’s a blend of bittersweet melodies and epic orchestral elements, creating a powerful sense of grandeur and drama. On the flip side Marhu serves “Whisper Of Youth”, a modern uptempo Techno affair.

Marhu’s performances have captivated audiences worldwide, with performances at venues and festivals including Extrema Outdoor, Dour Festival, Rex Club, and Love Parade Berlin. Her 2024 gigs at Close Weekend in Oberhausen and I Love Techno in Montpellier underscore her status as one of the ‘ones to watch’ on the rise. So stay tuned because this is Marhu: Energizing Audiences Worldwide with Psy Trance Infused Techno.