A penchant for driving, mesmeric techno has driven Juliet Fox’s evolution in recent years. Releases on such prominent labels as Drumcode, Filth on Acid, Kneaded Pains, Second State and Kraftek have firmly cemented her position within the techno world – all of which succeeded in bolstering her global profile to over 8 million Spotify streams. Her productions have found their own identity with each featuring Juliet’s unique and trippy vocals wrapped into her everexperimental hooks and basslines. These tracks have become synonymous all over the globe and have created pivotal moments in many DJ performances at some of the most infamous events worldwide.

Juliet has toured all over the globe playing at many of the planet’s most well-known clubs and festivals with 2022 being her strongest and biggest year to date. She played at Space Miami, Tomorrowland, Off Sonár, Fabric London, and Warehouse Project to name a few. Now based between London and Berlin, Juliet can be regularly found bringing unparalleled and highly energetic energy to the dancefloor. Her notoriety has also brought her again and again to North and South America, where she has regularly visited and completed multiple date tours. Of course, she also always has a special place in her heart for her beloved home country of Australia where she returns up to twice a year to complete country-wide tours.

Over the past two years, Juliet has spent her time exploring her musical tastes and learning new production techniques in her studio based out of Berlin. Her love of hardware and synthesizers has grown and they have featured heavily in her most recent productions, which were released on her imprint label, TREGAMBE. Born at the end of 2020, this label was an outpost for productions that were inspired by the moment she was in – this meant there was no compromise as the music could be what she wanted it to be, given that it didn’t have to fit any particular brief. The label also allowed her to reconnect with her love for painting as she created each release’s artwork from scratch. Moving into 2023, Juliet is set to widen the roster of artists attached to TREGAMBE as she will invite new releases from a range of talent.

Juliet’s love to make people dance will see her continue to bring her unmatched performance to more high-profile shows soon and her vocals are sure to be heard throughout clubland.