Gorillaz Sound System

If you’re interested in culture, it’s likely you’ve already enjoyed Remi Kabaka’s work. His skills are as varied as the artists with whom he collaborates. As the percussionist in Gorillaz or the voice of drummer Russell Hobbs, as the extra hands for Banksy or band member with the legendary Bobby Womack, Kabaka’s particular input is hard to quantify but very much in demand.

West Londoner Remi Kabaka is a modern phenomenon. A man who can create, curate and/or sell an interesting idea, be it aural, visual or experiential. Kabaka founded the Gorillaz Sound System, is a founding member of the Africa Express collective and is the man who discovered MIA. Add art direction, for both brands and artists, music production (DRC Music) and dj’ing at over 200 seminal events at a variety of venues – from Tate Modern to Hell’s Half Acre – it can’t be denied, the guy’s got breath.

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