Nølah is a talented producer and DJ from Lleida -northern city of Catalonia near the Pyrenees- although she has settled now her residence in Barcelona. Her passion for the music started at the early age of 7, studying classical music and then, after a while later, being part of a rock band as a guitarist and composer. This whole path of experiencing and learning can be perceived in her particular sound.

But nevertheless, her greatest influence and stronger connection ever is undoubtedly electronic music. Nølah is very into hypnotic and warm melodies. Picturesque club patterns, deep basslines of vintage progressive, the melodic extravagance of ‘90s trance and kick-ass beats are essential ingredients in her compositional work too. All this assembled together, flowing and functioning on an intuitive level perfectly reflects her personality behind the machines. Whether performing live or composing in the recording studio. Emotional, mystic, pleasant and with a remarkable passion for uplifting techno.

Her tracks have reached outstanding positions in the Top 100 chart of Beatport, including her first release ”Fedra” on Parquet Recordings, which reached #30 of this very digital platform chart. That same wake has been followed by Nølah’s releases on other imprints such as Einmusika / EIN2, Timeless Moments, Click Records, Tulipa Recordings, Hopeless or Submarine Vibes.

Nølah has attracted the attention of all electronic dance music fans and industry. For this powerful reason she has been awarded in 2019 at the Vicious Music Awards (Premios Hispanoamericanos de Música Electrónica) as the ‘Best Live Act Artist’ (beating in the final vote artists like Nicolas Jaar).

What to say about all those passionate people about clubs sounds performed with synthesizers and other analogue machines; they are still enthralled by her beautiful and unique performance at Pont Du Gard for the famous French TV Channel Cercle, with more than half a million views. She has also played live in some of the most important clubs and festivals in Europe such as Brunch-in the City (Barcelona), Wanderlust (Paris), Ritter Butzke (Berlin), Hypnos Hall (Istanbul), Kite (Ankara), Ibiza Beach Festival (Belgium), La Terrrazza (Barcelona), City Hall (Barcelona), etc. This Summertime, Nølah’s Live at DGTL-Barcelona!

And her idyll with the clubbing-music scene has only just begun…

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