Eric Wishes is a german DJ and Producer from the Mannheim (GER).

He recognized his love to the music quite early and exchanged the organ for two turntables. Inspired by Chicago House, he has generated his own sound from deep, tech, melodic house, house, indie dance and techno over the years. In addition to that he had appearances at numerous festivals like Love Parade, Time Warp, Nature One, Sonne Mond und Sterne, Ruhr in Love, Tanz der Bässe etc.

One of his side projects was “Wishes&Dreams”, with which he had a very successful time. One of his strongest releases was “Changes” and has appeared on numerous compilations. Furthermore, this release was remixed by well-known artists, like Laserkraft 3D, Steffen Baumann & Tim Royko.

He delights his fans with selected and unreleased tracks at his monthly radio show on sunshine live electronic music radio (more than 120.000 listeners per hour).

He likes it, when the sound is grooving and makes people happy on the dance floor.

[in collaboration with Verboten bookings]