‘Just the Night’, that was the title of an interview with Cristian Varela by the British outlet 15 Questions. There are very good reasons, of course, the history of electronic and techno music holds a special place for this pivotal ‘Madrileño’ artist who has played a crucial role in building the Spanish industry as we know it today. One where the new generations have entered too.

Master and servant for the cause. Cristian Varela has a very busy schedule that takes him all over the world. For those who are patient, you should be able to catch this awarded artist in your home city or country. For those who need a more regular dose of his music selections, you can catch his weekly radio show at Bloop London Radio and all his shows that’s syndicated in Europe, USA, South America and Asia via more than 100 specialised techno stations in more than 50 countries.

Pioneering techno producer with his own weapons. Cristian Varela has run since 2003 one of his most esteemed projects: Black Codes Experiments imprint. As it could not be otherwise, the label forged itself a firm reputation as one of the most prestigious, forward-thinking brands on the international electronic music circuit. Futuristic, enthusiastic and with a constant target of forming a strong alliance by keeping people dancing in unity to the electronic sounds and beats.

Well as an entrenched and highly respected producer, or as an immensely reliable DJ (his 6-Six Vinyl shows are just stunning as unique and the best way to join wires between past-present-future), Cristian Varela continues bouncily his expansion.