COYU is everything you expect from an experienced artist. The years do not pass in vain for him because of his way of operating, of evolving without forgetting and advocating for his main roots. Over time he has become in one of the most admired cynosures in the worldwide techno. The Barcelona-based artist is vital in shaping today’s underground electronic music scene.

“The past has had a very powerful influence on my way of understanding and feeling dance music. When I became interested in it in the early 2000s, I focused on knowing the past before discovering what was happening in the present time”, COYU attests. Then he always worries about remodelling or just twisting the flavours in unexpected ways. His releases on diverse record labels, highlighting of course a very important pillar in his professional music career as Suara -COYU’s own brand founded in 2008, which is one of the world’s most prominent underground dance music imprints- and important collaborations confirms it.

As it becomes clear, discovering COYU it is to come across a protagonist of our times. He isn’t an average DJ. Humanitarian, vegan, brand-owner and cat-dad, even political student or music journalist in the past, Coyu made a career based on the facts. As long as COYU continues to push on, inspire others around him and win fans around the world, his restless spirit will continue to thrive. There aren’t enough heroes you can look up to and identify with if you don’t listen and dance them first!

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