Cosmic Boys

Cosmic Boys are a techno duo whose high velocity music is out of this world. Fast becoming genre leaders, the guys have charted No.1 on Beatport and collaborated with titans such as UMEK in addition to featuring on Richie Hawtin’s iconic label Minus.

Their hybrid DJ style is a nonstop extravaganza of high energy tracks expertly blended with charismatic flair and attention to detail that makes sure there is never a dull moment on the dance floor. Cosmic Boys tracks have also been played in the sets of DJ icons such as Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Pan-Pot, Joseph Capriati, Dubfire and Monika Kruse, plus many more.

Not content with just mixing tracks, they take things to the next level by re-editing music on the fly during a DJ set. Using loops, samples, and drum machines to add an impromptu twist that combines a layer of musicianship to make each live performance totally unique. The guys have played all over the world and soak up musical culture in every country they visit.

Their record labels Legend and Scander are also a part of their music legacy. Not only have the imprints been outlets for the Cosmic Boys own tracks, but they have also been platforms that give exposure to fresh talent, featuring established influencers such as Reinier Zonneveld, Traumer, Dusty Kid, Alex Stein, The YellowHeads, Matt Sassari, Space 92, Felix Kröcher among others.

Their loud and boisterous style is full of personality, and this strong musical identity makes the guys a popular remix choice having added their stamp to tracks by artists ranging from Mark Reeve to Marc Houle.

Even brands like Warner Bros and Netflix have given their seal of approval by using the Cosmic Boys track “Jarvis” in the soundtrack of hit TV show Black Lightening.

Already achieving the No.1 spot in the sales charts of many download stores, the guys are set on an interstellar trajectory as they voyage into the techno cosmos to gain notoriety around the galaxy.

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