Bede Ben was born in Guipúzcoa but lives in Bilbao.

His trajectory within the most underground scene of the north and his great passion for post-punk made him start his musical career getting into the rave culture where at that moment he felt the need to transmit that energy and express himself with a sound.

In his singular path in search of those sounds and his ambitious desires, techno and groove have been where he has felt most identified, including more hypotonic and trancerous sounds that form his sets wanting to explain a story through them. Energy and forcefulness would define Bede Ben in a booth.

Bede Ben has already left his mark in big venues and events being backed by big promoters such as BBCCO Berlin, Unlocked Bcn, Riktus Lisboa, Hiperlynk, Toffdle Rotterdam etc.

Founder and resident of Redlux, a label that already has its place in the North and where he is one of the youngest promoters alongside his peers.

Working on his first EP becoming one of the most emerging artists with a very personal sound.