ANSBRO belongs to a new breed of Irish artists (hailing from Mayo and based in Barcelona) eager to push the most vibrant Techno sounds, no boundaries, taking club tropes and placing them in a fresh context.

In front of us is a young , talented DJ and producer with a love of unrelenting fast-paced music influenced by names such as Nirvana and The Prodigy . One of ANSRBO most esteemed weapons is to revive great classics and bring them into madness.

Spinning in our heads non-stop right now are big tunes like “Bamboleo” -with millions of online plays and no let up in sight – and “Into the Flood”.

Both cuts have his distinct marks which are vitality and the overwhelming need to run! All these banging releases are being supported by every major Hard-techno act like Trym, Nico Moreno, I Hate Models, Shlømo and 99999999 worldwide at the biggest festivals and clubs.

Sick productions, and sick are his performances also. The evidence of this is easily seen by his slamming presence at the Verknipt Festival, Electric Picnic or Escape. The buzz he brings to any club or festival he has played in is mental. Highly energetic sets that are not at odds with youth and talent on the decks.

ANSBRO is a name you should keep in the radar for the present-future in the Hard Techno scene.

The next big thing.