Reading a dancefloor is not a science, but knowing how to make the audience enjoy every minute is an art Anika Kunst puts into practice session after session.

She has spent more than twenty years perfecting her intuition, technique and buildiing up a vinyl collection which oscillates between timeless techno and the most select house, making the most of the nuances that exist between said genres and all their sub-genres have to offer.

Maybe you remember some of her emblematic vinyl-only ‘All Night Long’ sessions or maybe you saw her perform in London, Berlin, Brussels or during her time in Latin America. She might have made her mark on one of your idyllic summer nights in Ibiza or perhaps you heard her at a festival or an emblematic club in Barcelona at her ‘Selectors’ night; always in constant evolution, with all possibilities still open for exploration.

You may be familiar with her well-respected label, Chapter Records, founded in 2014. You may have even played or listened to one of her releases yourself, or perhaps heard some of her tracks in one of Dave Clarke’s sessions. You might have also already discovered her latest work in the studio, such as her ‘Different Approach’ EP on RSPX (Rekids Special Project) or her latest releases on Symbolism, Ben Sims‘ label.

It is never too late to make new descoveries, those which will never be forgotten. You may not know Chapter Records or Selectors, or even Anika Kunst herself but in time and space, the devotion many of us feel for the clubbing scene streghtens our bond and binds us to each other, unyielding as we move together.

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