Alex Stein is one of those sought-after artists whose compromise and production credentials designing unique techno-music sounds truly knows no bounds. The driving force behind this Berlin artist with Brazilian (São Paulo) roots resides in his capability to concoct an intoxicating, mesmeric, and mind-boggling blend of hard-hitting techno patterns not devoid of soul. Energy flows in all directions and is dusty with optimism. Stein’s strength and sonic personality as a producer are gaining traction with every new release. He has earned credibility and high support with every release published on labels like Terminal M or Filth On Acid, as well as remixing artists like Dusty Kid or A*S*Y*S.

When Alex isn’t in his Berlin studio cross-pollinating the diverse forms of techno, he’s relentlessly traveling around the entire globe to perform at some of the world’s best festivals and venues. As a DJ, he has exceptional skill in reading the crowd. A globe-trotting DJ who has placed his pike in countries all over the world adding unforgettable tours in India, Australia, Canada, UK, Argentina… and have earned a loyal international fanbase that follows his high-energy sets from Luft Festival in Melbourne to Street Parade in Zurich, Love Parade in Berlin to the notorious Drumcode label showcases.

Alex Stein, a fine example of a consistent producer with a thrilling attitude that has defined his ascension in exploring the depths of electronic music with a distinct twist.

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