DJ, Producer

Alex Stein

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German, Portuguese, English

Audio Engineer, Producer and DJ for over 13 years with multiple Top10 and Top100 releases and millions of plays on Spotify

Alex Stein stands amongst the new generation of talent coming out of Europe’s techno scene. Graduated in Audio Engineering at SAE Institute in Frankfurt, he has moulded and shaped a unique style over the last ten years, which has been stirring up a whirlwind of support. A thrilling attitude that has defined his ascension in the club scene and that keeps him true to his nomad heart touring extensively all around the planet.

Recently landing his major debut ‘Rebirth’ EP on Terminal M, Alex had worked tirelessly building a reputation with multiple top10 tracks from previous releases on Senso Sounds, Filth On Acid, Suara and Tronic.

Stein remains shaping and broadening his scopes, pushing his sound to be better, more diverse, and personal. An always creative-uniquely mind in a constant state of flux, that’s his distinctiveness.

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